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Doctor ofPublic Administration

Welcome to the University of La Verne’s Doctor of Public Administration program. We seek professionals motivated to improve their leadership, management, and decision making skills. The values and tenets of the College of Business and Public Management inspire the faculty to seek two primary goals for DPA students:

  • You will gain knowledge and skills in such areas as leadership, conflict management, ethics, decision making, and management processes. This will prepare you to assume greater management responsibility.
  • You will learn methodologies that will better enable you to approach a variety of issues from the perspectives of logical inquiry, critical thinking, and systematic problem solving.

The Doctor of Public Administration Program is designed to develop civic professionals as leaders and scholarly practitioners. Students learn how to integrate and apply current perspectives to the analysis of organizational and community issues.

The DPA prepares you to assume vital roles as outstanding, insightful contributors to the public and service sectors. The curriculum offers state-of-the-art management courses that stress creativity, responsible leadership, values, and the essential abilities to anticipate, interpret, and manage the rampant change in the workplace of today and tomorrow.

By focusing on its values and tenets and by developing a respected academic program, the College faculty aims to help you, the doctoral candidate, become recognized as a valued, highly-skilled manager who is esteemed as a thoughtful, intelligent leader and a scholarly practitioner in your professional career as well as in your personal life.

What makes the DPA program unique is the synergy created by the enthusiasm, knowledge, and experience of a gifted, imaginative, multi-disciplinary faculty added to a talented, highly-diverse international and domestic student population. The program seeks to gather intelligent, professional adult practitioners and professors. Each participant contributes to an ever-expanding richness of comparative and international experiences.

Students are accepted into the DPA program in the fall of each year.

The DPA program encourages the professional in a unique process where students play an integral role in the management of learning. The program is interdisciplinary in design and incorporates international and comparative experiences.

Program Values

The University of La Verne’s College of Business ad Public Management has built an educational environment that empowers students to become scholarly practitioners, dynamic individuals who can combine substantial knowledge and thoughtful understanding of theory with capable, practical management and leadership. The College continuously provide high quality, student-oriented learning by seeking and fostering qualified, responsible, dedicated faculty who believe in and can deliver its key values:

  • educational excellence;
  • personal and professional success for students; and
  • relevant course work.

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