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Master of Science inGerontology

The Gerontology Program at the University of La Verne prepares individuals to become leaders in the field of gerontology so they can design programs, services, and policies that improve the quality of life of older adults, their families, and the community.

Students earning a Master of Science in Gerontology also have the opportunity to select electives in an area that is most relevant for their career goals and interests.

To provide convenience and flexibility, the program is available at two locations, La Verne and Irvine.


Curriculum is designed for students who want to earn a degree in Gerontology or a Certificate in Geriatric Care Management or Geriatric Administration. If a student chooses to earn a certificate, all courses completed in the Certificate Program may be transferred for credit toward the MS Gerontology degree.

Program Features

  • multidisciplinary academic and practitioner faculty;
  • internship and research opportunities;
  • ability to transfer certificate courses for credit towards the Gerontology degree;
  • small evening and Saturday classes designed for working adults;
  • program starts once per year, in the fall; and
  • opportunity to take Public Administration and Public Health courses as electives.

Careers in Gerontology

Community Agencies Those with experience and education in gerontology work in senior centers; retirement communities; adult day care/day health, and assisted living centers.
Human Services With a background in gerontology opportunities exist to support family service agencies; the Department of Social Support Services; and geriatric centers in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.
Government Agencies Careers related to policy matters with federal and state legislative bodies; Area Agencies on Aging; the Social Security Administration; and Health & Human Services agencies.
Health Facilities Careers can be found working with older adults in hospitals; health maintenance organizations; long-term care facilities; home health agencies; hospices, and Alzheimer and rehabilitation centers.
Private Practice Careers exist in private practice as case managers/care managers, and/or consultants.
Advocacy Organizations Federal and state level advocacy groups rely on experts on aging, as does the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), caregiver groups, and eldercare.