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Graduate Certificates

The Graduate Program in Gerontology offers two innovative Certificates designed for professionals with a bachelor’s degree who want to specialize in gerontology for their professional growth, or pursue a career in gerontology or geriatric care management.

Courses completed for a Certificate in Geriatric Care Management or Administration may be transferred to the MS Gerontology Program with the approval of the program chair.

Certificate in Geriatric Care Management

Geriatric care management, an emerging and growing field, is a logical career opportunity for many existing and prospective students. The Certificate in Geriatric Care Management is a multi-disciplinary graduate certificate that provides students the knowledge and skills necessary to work as a geriatric care manager, either privately or within an organization.

What is Geriatric Care Management?

In recent years, the field of geriatric care management has emerged to assess, plan, implement, and coordinate the care of older adults residing in the community and facilitate the delivery of health care and other services in the most appropriate setting. Geriatric Care Managers usually have extensive knowledge about the cost, quality, and availability of services in their community.

Some of the services they perform are:

  • Conduct care-planning assessments to identify problems, eligibility for assistance, and need for services;
  • Screen, arrange and monitor in-home help or other services;
  • Assist in moving an older person to or from a retirement complex, care home, or nursing home;
  • Act as a liaison to families at a distance, making sure things are going well and alerting families to problems;
  • Review financial, legal, or medical issues and offer referrals to geriatric specialists to avoid future problems and conserve assets;
  • Provide crisis intervention;
  • Offer counseling and support; and
  • Provide conservatorship or guardianship assistance.

This graduate certificate prepares geriatric care managers to maximize the function and independence of older adults residing in the community and facilitate the delivery of health care and other services in the most appropriate setting.

Certificate in Geriatric Administration

This graduate certificate prepares students to be managers in a variety of community and private settings that provide services to older adults.