Students can select the concentration that addresses their individual career needs. All courses are 3 semester hours. Courses in one concentration are not interchangeable with courses in other concentrations. Students may pursue more than one concentration.

Students may complete a set of electives (also with a minimum of 12 units) instead of a concentration with advance approval, by the program director, of the proposed program of study. Eligible elective courses are non-core 500-level PADM courses,  MGMT courses in the nonprofit concentration, GERO courses in the gerontology concentration, and HSM courses in the public health concentration Other MGMT, GERO, and HSM courses are not interchangeable with PADM courses nor are they eligible as electives.

Urban Management and Affairs

Develops skills in managing the urban metropolitan environment.


Management courses (MGMT) are offered by the Business Management and Leadership Department.


Prepares students to be managers in a variety of settings that provide services to older adults.

Public Health Concentration

Focuses on measures to prevent disease, promote health, and prolong life. Public health activities aim to provide conditions in which people can be healthy. The focus is on populations and systems, not on individual patients or diseases.

J.D./MPA Dual Degree Program

Requires admission to and completion of both programs. Law classes are reviewed for acceptance in the MPA Program. Students may elect to have up to 12 law semester hours transferred toward the MPA degree program.