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Accelerated Bachelor of Arts Accounting

University of La Verne’s accelerated Bachelor of Arts in Accounting program allows students to complete their degree at their own pace without having to give up their current jobs. Whether students are in the accounting field or they would like to move into accounting, the program prepare students to pursue careers in accounting. Graduates can also easily transition to a master’s program, earning their second degree in accounting in only one more year of full-time study. Furthermore, the B.A. program prepares students to sit for all major accounting exams.

Offered through the College of Business and Public Management, this accelerated degree is available at several of our regional campuses, including Bakersfield, Burbank, Irvine, and Santa Clarita. Night classes are available as well. Visit the Campus Accelerated Program for Adults (CAPA) page to learn more about the flexible options available at the La Verne Campus.

Program Overview

With one of the most comprehensive curricula  in Southern California, our B.A. in Accounting helps students form a strong foundation on which to build a future career. Prerequisite courses review fundamental accounting concepts as well as basic business statistics and quantitative analysis. Upper-level courses cover a wide range of applicable topics from federal taxation to business finance to auditing.

As part of the program, students prepare to sit for all major accounting exams with practical simulations of scenarios likely to appear on the CPA (certified public accountant), CMA (certified management accountant), and CIA (certified internal auditor) exams. .

The curriculum is comprised of 68 required credit hours broken up into 20 prerequisite credits and 48 core requirement credits. The full course list is outlined on the curriculum page.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Students in the accounting program are encouraged to develop their professional skills through experiential learning opportunities offered at the university. For example, students gain experience as volunteers with the VITA program, helping individuals in the local community prepare their taxes each year. Students without a background in accounting are encouraged to intern for a local accounting firm.

La Verne also boasts a highly active student group, the ULV Society of Accountants, whose mission is to improve the reputation of the La Verne Business School and accounting program through connections with leaders and influential figures in the business community. Students in this group have the opportunity to network with their peers, make connections with potential employers, and develop relationships that will serve them throughout their careers.

Graduate Study

A master’s degree can significantly enhance a student’s employment opportunities. Students in the B.A. program can easily transition into the M.S. in Accounting graduate program at the University of La Verne and finish their degree in only one additional year of full-time study.

This master’s program can be used towards the 150 credit hours required to qualify for the CPA exam, helping students launch careers as certified personal accountants.

Prepare For A Career in Accounting with La Verne’s Accelerated B.A. Program

The Bachelor of Arts in Accounting lays a solid foundation for future success. Offered in an accelerated format, you can enter the next stage of your career sooner than you think. Start your application today.