Degree Requirements

Total program: 90 semester hours

Prerequisite Requirements

26 semester hours

The following must be completed before enrolling in 300 or 400 level ACCT, BUS, ECON, or MGMT courses:

ACCT 201Fundamentals of Accounting I4
ACCT 202Fundamentals of Accounting II4
BUS 200Information Technology2
BUS 270Statistics4
ECON 220Economic Analysis I4
ECON 221Economic Analysis II4
BUS 272Introduction to Operations Management4

Core Requirements

56 semester hours

ACCT 301Intermediate Accounting I4
ACCT 302Intermediate Accounting II4
ACCT 307Cost Accounting4
ACCT 308Federal Taxation I4
ACCT 401Auditing4
ACCT 402Advanced Accounting4
ACCT 414Accounting Information Systems4
BUS 330Business Finance4
BUS 347Legal Environment of Business4
BUS 360Principles of Marketing4
ACCT 443Principles of Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Accounting4
BUS 456Operations Management4
MGMT 300Principles of Management4
ACCT 496Accounting Seminar4
Total Semester Hours56


Accounting students may pursue one of the concentrations listed under the B.S., Business Administration (Business Finance, Business Management, Human Resource Management, Information Technology, International Business or Marketing) by satisfying all the requirements of the B.S., Accounting and of the concentration.