Economics, BS

Economics examines the difficult choices that society, business enterprises, the public sector, and individuals must make to distribute resources. It also deals with explaining and forecasting how an economy will perform, and it provides analytical tools for determining the attractiveness of industries, markets and behaviors that will maximize profits.

Degree Requirements

Total Program: 78 semester hours

Prerequisite Requirements

30 semester hours

All students are expected to be proficient in word processing, spreadsheets, electronic communications, and information retrieval on the Internet. All students are encouraged to take BUS 101 Connect for Success Mentoring.

The following must be completed before enrolling in 300 or 400 level ACCT, BUS, ECON, or MGMT courses

ACCT 201Fundamentals of Accounting I4
ACCT 202Fundamentals of Accounting II4
BUS 200Information Technology2
BUS 242Achieving Professional Success4
BUS 270Statistics4
ECON 220Economic Analysis I4
ECON 221Economic Analysis II4
BUS 272Introduction to Operations Management4

Core Requirements

48 semester hours

BUS 330Business Finance4
BUS 410Management Information Systems4
ECON 320Intermediate Macroeconomics4
ECON 321Intermediate Microeconomics4
ECON 323Money & Banking4
ECON 325International Economics4
ECON 327Public Finance & Fiscal Policy4
ECON 371Econometrics4
ECON 499Senior Project4
12 semester hours in 300-400 level BUS, ECON, or approved MGMT courses 14,4,4
Total Semester Hours48

Except for BUS 346 Written Business Communication, MGMT 360 Financial Management and Budgeting, MGMT 388 Statistics, or MGMT 496 Seminar in Management.