International Business and Language, BS

The goals of this program are to develop the ability to communicate and interact in a business context with people of other nationalities and/or economies, to provide language students with career opportunities in international business, and to prepare graduates to function more efficiently in cross-cultural environments. French, Japanese, or Spanish may be chosen as the language of concentration.

Total program: 80 semester hours

Prerequisites Requirements: 20 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
FREN 101 Elementary French II, or  
JAPN 101 Beginning Japanese II, or  
SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish II 4
FREN 210 Intermediate French Stories and Conversation, and  
FREN 211 Intermediate French Conversation & Film, or  
JAPN 210 Intermediate Japanese I and  
JAPN 211 Intermediate Japanese II, or  
SPAN 210 Intermediate Spanish I: Short Stories and  
SPAN 211 Intermediate Spanish II: Short Films 4, 4
ACCT 203 Financial and Managerial Acct. 4
BUS 228 Economic Theories and Issues 4

Core Requirements: 48 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
FREN 420 Commercial French, or  
JAPN 420 Commercial/Business Japanese, or 4
SPAN 420 Commercial Spanish 4
A 300 or 400 level FREN, JAPN, or SPAN course in the target language 4
ANTH 320 Cultural Anthropology 4
BUS 360 Principles of Marketing 4
BUS 466 International Marketing 4
ECON 324 Comparative Economic Systems 4
ECON 325 International Economics 4
MGMT 300 Principles of Management 4
MGMT 451 International Management 4
PLSC 231 International Relations 4
PLSC 261 Comparative Government and Politics 4
BUS 496 Business Seminar, or  
FREN, JAPN, or SPAN 499 Senior Project 4


Three 4-semester hour, 300 or 400 level courses in BUS, ECON, FREN, JAPN, MGMT, PLSC, or SPAN chosen with the approval of a program Chairperson. Students who wish to take BUS 496: Business Seminar as their culminating activity MUST take MGMT 388: Statistics and BUS 330: Business Finance as two of their three electives. Students who are not going to enroll in BUS 496 cannot take MGMT 388 as one of their major electives.