Degree Requirements

In addition to the foundation courses, the M.S. Finance degree will require students to complete 30 semester hours of coursework. Of the 30 semester hours, 21 semester hours are completed by the core courses. In addition, 6 semester hours will be completed by 2 elective courses. The remaining 3 semester hours are fulfilled by the Culminating Activity.

Foundation Courses

0-18 semester hours

The foundation courses a student must fulfill are determined by a review of the student’s undergraduate coursework and professional experience. If foundation courses are needed, they should be among the first courses taken.

BUS 500AAccounting Fundamentals3
BUS 500BEconomics for Decision-Making3
BUS 500CQuantitative and Statistical Analysis3
BUS 500DBusiness Finance3
BUS 500EBusiness Management3
BUS 500FBusiness Marketing3
Total Semester Hours18

Total Program: 30 semester hours

Core Courses

21 semester hours

BUS 509Cost Accounting3
BUS 525Economics of the Firm3
FIN 530Managerial Finance3
FIN 531Theory of Finance3
FIN 532Derivatives3
FIN 533Investments3
FIN 570Econometrics in Finance3
Total Semester Hours21


6 semester hours

BUS 532Management of Financial Institutions3
BUS 533Investment Banking3
BUS 536International Financial Management3
BUS 538Financial Strategy & Policy3
BUS 534Entrepreneurial Finance3
FIN 598Internship in Finance3

Culminating Activity

3 semester hours

FIN 596Financial Modeling3
or FIN 594 Master's Thesis in Financial Economics
Total Semester Hours3