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A minimum of three years full-time professional experience. Students without a degree from an English-speaking institution, where English is the primary language of instruction and of the geographic area, must establish minimal proficiency in English by providing a TOEFL score of 560 or more.

Program Expectations: Entering students are expected to be able to utilize word processing, spreadsheets, electronic communications, and information retrieval on the Internet; to have access to a personal computer; to be able to apply mathematical skills for solving basic economic and business problems; and, to possess good oral and written communication skills. The University offers courses to assist students in obtaining these necessary competencies.

Foundation Courses: 0-15 semester hours

The foundation courses a student must fulfill is determined by the chairperson’s review of the student’s undergraduate coursework and professional experience. If foundation courses are needed, they should be among the first courses taken.

Code Course Title Units
BUS 500A Accounting Fundamentals 3
BUS 500B Economics for Decision-Making 3
BUS 500C Quantitative and Statistical Analysis 3
BUS 500D Business Finance 3
BUS 500F Business Marketing 3

Foundation courses can be waived, if the following equivalent undergraduate courses were completed at a regionally accredited college or university with a grade of C or higher within the past seven years: Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting for BUS 500A; Microeconomics and Macroeconomics for BUS 500B; Business Statistics for BUS 500C; Principles of Finance for BUS 500D, and Principles of Marketing for BUS 500F.

Total Program: 33 semester hours

Core Courses: 18 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
BUS 615 Managing Technology 3
BUS 635 Managing Financial Resources 3
BUS 655 Designing Effective Organizations 3
BUS 665 Strategic Marketing Management 3
BUS 675 Management of Business Operations 3
BUS 685 Global Business Management 3

Electives and Concentrations: 12 semester hours

Each student can select a set of courses that addresses his or her career needs. Specific concentrations can be pursued or courses can be selected from any 500-level BUS courses (other than foundation courses). Concentrations require a minimum of four courses (12 semester hours) that may include required core courses in the same discipline.

Culminating Activity: 3 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
BUS 695 Strategic Management 3