Students can select a set of elective courses or a concentration that addresses each student’s individual career needs. Courses can be selected from any of the scheduled 500-level MGMT courses (other than foundation courses).

Organizational Development

MGMT 525 Management of Diversity
MGMT 556 Building Partnerships; Creating Coalitions
MGMT 582 Managing Groups and Teams
MGMT 559 Seminar in Organizational Development

Human Resource Management

MGMT 525 Management of Diversity
MGMT 526 Training and Development
MGMT 554 Negotiations and Bargaining
MGMT 529 Seminar in Human Resource Management

Nonprofit Management

MGMT 530 Managing Nonprofits
MGMT 531 Marketing Nonprofits
MGMT 532 Effective Fundraising
MGMT 533 Accounting and Compliance for Nonprofits
MGMT 534 Grant Writing for Public & Private Funding

Aging Studies

GERO 516 Prospective in Gerontology
GERO 512 Managing Senior Services
GERO 520 Health in Later Years
HSM 548 Applied Research for Public Health Professionals