Total Program: 33 semester hours
Program Length: 16 - 24 Months

Program Director: Teresa Martinelli

This program emphasizes the human dimensions of management. It is applicable where skills in change management, leadership, and group dynamics are demanded for professional effectiveness. The core classes develop an essential managerial knowledge base; students then customize the balance of the coursework with either electives from one focused concentration or a more generalized program of study, selecting electives from any of the three concentrations. The capstone course, built upon two required research courses, results in the research, writing, and presentation of an applied research project. The M.S. in Leadership and Management (MSLM) program is a networked and mutually supportive community of learners. 

The foundation course (MGMT 500 Management: Theory and Practice) provides prerequisite knowledge and tools needed for those with insufficient background. Assessment of need is based on a review of undergraduate coursework. If needed, MGMT 500 Management: Theory and Practice should be among the first courses completed. Students who earned an undergraduate degree in a management field within the past seven years could be exempt from taking MGMT 500 Management: Theory and Practice.

Foundation Course

3 semester hours

MGMT 500Management: Theory and Practice3
Total Semester Hours3

Core Requirements

15 semester hours

MGMT 520Leadership: Theory and Practice3
MGMT 521Ethics and Decision-Making3
MGMT 522Human Resource Management3
MGMT 523Organizational Theory and Development3
MGMT 569Conflict Management and Organizational Change3
Total Semester Hours15

Research and Culminating Activity

6 semester hours

MGMT 586Organizational Research I3
MGMT 596Graduate Seminar3
Total Semester Hours6

Electives or Concentrations

12 semester hours

Each student can select a set of courses that addresses his or her career needs. Courses can be selected from any 500-level MGMT course (other than foundation courses), or specific concentrations can be pursued. Concentrations require a minimum of four courses (12 semester units). Units do not double count in the Core and the Concentration.