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Dr. Kelly launches International Health Leadership Collaboration

Dr. Louise Kelly, Professor of Management in the University of La Verne College of Business, recently returned from a productive sabbatical journey to Germany. During her trip, she visited the Institute for eHealth and Management in Healthcare (IEMG) at Flensburg, a renowned applied university in northern Germany. IEMG is a pioneer in the field of e-health, and was the first in Germany to offer a master’s degree in the subject.

Dr. Kelly was impressed by IEMG’s focus on innovative healthcare solutions, and she is excited to launch a long-term, long-distance collaboration with the institute’s team of experts on a research project focusing on the leadership challenges faced by nurses in both the United States and Germany. Dr. Kelly believes that this collaboration will foster a deeper understanding of healthcare systems and lead to the development of innovative solutions to empower nursing professionals in both countries.

The team will examine how trust within organizations affects the adoption of authentic leadership among nurses in German and American healthcare organizations, and investigate whether trust in the organizational culture alleviates the stress experienced by nurses when striving to be authentic in their roles.  The German and American healthcare systems differ with regard to cultural norms, hierarchical structures, communication styles, leadership expectations, organizational policies, work-life balance, diversity and inclusion, and patient expectations.

Dr. Kelly’s research project is expected to be completed in early 2024. We are excited to see the results of Dr. Kelly’s research, and we are confident that her collaboration with IEMG will yield valuable insights into the future of nursing leadership.

Pictured L-R : Dean Thomas Severin, Professor of Economics, University of Flensburg; Louise Kelly, Professor of Management, University of La Verne; Beatrice Podtschaske, Professor and manager of Healthcare and e-health at the University of Flensburg; Bosco Lehr, Director of IEMG, Professor at the University of Flensburg.