New Case Study on Musk’s Leadership

Professor of Management Issam Ghazzawi has just published a case study titled “At the Helm of Twitter: The Leadership Style of Elon Musk [PDF]” in the Journal of Case Research […]

Workplace commitment after the pandemic

As part of the Randall Lewis Center series of Faculty Fellowship presentations on well-being, Dr. Issam Ghazzawi and Dr. Fengmei Gong  presented their research paper, “In the Eyes of the […]

Dr. Loren Dyck

Innovative Coaching Exercise Presented at Management Teaching Conference

The 2023 Management and Organizational Behavior Teaching Society Oceania Conference held in Sydney, Australia featured a groundbreaking Peer Coaching Assignment for a master’s level Human Resource Management course developed by Dr. Loren Dyck of the University of La Verne. This exercise takes advantage of the fact that coaching has been shown to enhance student creativity and help prepare students for their transition to work.

New Study on Data Analytics in Accounting Education

“Data analytics plays a critical role in modern accounting and there is a need for accounting education to reflect this reality,” says Dr. Salimi. “The results of this survey show that accounting professors are incorporating data analytics using familiar software they already have at hand.”

Dr. Deborah Olson on Onboarding New Hires

Managers face the challenge of providing all new employees with a baseline level of quality onboarding while at the same time customizing the experience to fit the unique requirements of the individual and the role