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Integrated Business Program (IBP) Fall 2023 Cohort Donates over $18,000 to Charities

A big shout-out to the Fall 2023 Integrated Business Program (IBP) students for finishing the semester strong making impactful donations to their chosen charities. These teams worked extremely hard to sell their products, selected by each business, to generate profit.

Over 16 weeks, students not only bonded as a team but also dove into the real-life practicalities of running a business together–navigating rejection, managing inventory, and understanding communication within a team. On the flip side, they learned better leadership skills, improved organization habits, and explored great networking opportunities.

They celebrated at their end of the semester charity banquet. Where they invited a representative from each charity and presented them with a check containing all the hard-earned profits.

Rodeo Ribbon Boarding for Breast Cancer, $3,874.60 Product: pink cowboy hats
Ausome Blends Autism Society, $3,201.09 Product: portable blenders
Charms That Fit Shoes That Fit, $3,038.37 Product: Croc jibbitz, charms
Blanket Buddies Foothill Family Center, $3,237.99 Product: portable picnic blankets
Restraw Maui Maui United Way, $1,720.27 Product: reusable straws
All 4 Pets Priceless Pets, $3,157.39 Product: portable pet water bowl/bottle




Grand Total Profits for Fall 2023 Semester is $18,903.22


Since 2011, the Integrated Business Program has raised $408,900 for local nonprofits. In the past 12 years since the establishment of the program, the College of Business has seen the rise of 125 teams, 995 students, collaborated with 134 charities, and collectively raised an inspiring $948,771

Watch their charity banquet videos here, College of Business Integrated Business Program Team Videos uploaded by Professor Rick Hasse.