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New Case Study on Musk’s Leadership

Professor of Management Issam Ghazzawi has just published a case study titled “At the Helm of Twitter: The Leadership Style of Elon Musk [PDF]” in the Journal of Case Research and Inquiry (JCRI).

In this teaching case [PDF], Dr. Ghazzawi delves into the leadership dynamics of Elon Musk, focusing on his personality, task-oriented leadership behavior, and decision-making within the context of Twitter’s CEO role. The case sheds light on the behavioral challenges faced by Musk, showcasing how a leader’s character is revealed through their decisions in varying situations.

Cases are widely used in leadership and management education for several reasons:

  • Cases present real-life situations that leaders and managers often encounter in their roles.
  • Analyzing cases requires developing and exercising critical thinking skills. Students must assess information, identify problems, consider alternative solutions, and make decisions based on available evidence.
  • Cases offer a form of experiential learning where students can apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations, in environments to which they would not normally have access.
  • Analyzing cases encourages students to take a holistic view of leadership and management, considering variables such as organizational structure, culture, strategy, environment, social responsibility, and stakeholder relationships.
  • Some cases highlight failures or challenges faced by organizations. Studying these cases allows students to learn from mistakes without negative real-world consequences.

Dr. Ghazzawi’s research focuses on job satisfaction, goal setting, organizational effectiveness, leadership, and organizational commitment. The Journal of Case Research and Inquiry ( ISSN/2377-7389) is published by the Western Casewriters Association and is affiliated with both The North American Case Research Association (NACRA) and the Western Academy of ManagementEducational resources are available to students and instructors at no charge at