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Why you should hire graduates from the University of La Verne

  • University of La Verne has a very diverse student body and, as a result, our students can offer a variety of talents, skills, and experiences to benefit your organization
  • Our students receive a strong foundation in critical-thinking, problem-solving, analytics, and technology
  • Our students develop leadership and decision-making skills, as well as communication and customer service abilities
  • Our students are taught the importance of professionalism in the workplace
  • Many of our students participate in the Integrated Business Program, where they start and operate a small business
  • Many of our students work while attending the university and, as a result, possess a strong sense of professionalism and time management
  • Forbes Magazine has listed University of La Verne as “one of America’s Top Colleges.”

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Internships are a terrific opportunity for your company or organization to provide students with real-world, practical industry experience and to develop your pool of potential future employees.

COB students are available for both paid and unpaid (credit based) internships. To post an internship opportunity, utilize Handshake.

We invite recruiting organizations and professionals posting job and internships positions to abide by the guidelines and principles established by NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) and the United States Department of Labor when planning to recruit our students. Please visit the links before you post your announcements.