Career Assessment Tools

The best way to find a career that becomes fun rather than work is to match your career with your passions, skills, talents and personality traits. You are able to take a variety of assessment tests through the links below. We will help you interpret your results and their relationship with the jobs and careers in which you may become successful. The assessment tools included below are free of charge or low cost.

The Strong Interest Inventory® Well respected career planning tool by academic and business organizations, this tool offers a wide range of applications for students deciding on a major, career exploration, and career development, by identifying personal and professional interests and strengths in relation to careers and fields of study.
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) Developed as a general personality assessment, the MBTI is useful in understanding your preferences in behavior in all types of settings, including how you relate to others and in school and the workplace. It helps you identify your Personality types (4-letter type formula), matching your career with your personality type and Communication style
StrengthsFinder 2.0-Clifton StrengthsFinder A quick and focused approach, this assessment helps identify and develop a person’s combination of skills, talents and knowledge, including dormant talents; it shows how to maximize talents and strengths to lead successful and engaging careers. Identify your top 5 strengths using this assessment tool.
O*NET® Interest ProfilerTM This self-assessment is a career exploration tool helpful to discover the individual’s preferences in relation to broad occupational interests. Six type of occupational interests are identified: realistic, social, investigative, artistic, enterprising and conventional.