Interviews are an important part of the hiring process for you to communicate your qualifications and ability to do the job/internship to potential employers. Make sure you are thoroughly prepared before you head into any interview by reviewing the resources below.


Your first impression when you walk into a job interview is most critical. You must dress professionally, following etiquette and protocol used by the hiring organization. Wear professional clothes that suit your style, fit the organization/company culture and that are comfortable as well. Make sure that you look clean, your clothes are pressed, your shoes are polished, your nails are cut, and your hair is clean and brushed. For additional pointers, read these articles on interview attire for menwomen, and gender neutral options.


In order to better prepare to answer any interview questions, you need to learn as much as you can about the organization/company and the position. Familiarize yourself with their vision, mission and culture as well as the job requirements, while reflecting on the assets that you bring to the employer in relation to their needs. Try to consider your transferable skills and be prepared to articulate your answers in the most professional manner.

Thank You Notes

Immediately after your interview, you should write a thank you note to the hiring committee. This card or e-mail should be written in a professional manner, optimistic tone and may include content that you forgot to mention during the interview. Emphasize your interest in the organization/company and position. Include your contact information.