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Alumni Spotlight: The Importance of Mentoring

If you frequent The Spot, the University of La Verne’s dining commons, you may have seen the CBPM faculty gathering for lunch. On a recent weekday, a new face appeared at the CPBM table: alumnus Joey Sabers (BBA ’20), who was on campus visiting his former economics professor,  Dr. Ahmed Ispahani.

Dr. Ispahani has mentored hundreds of students throughout his half-century at the University of La Verne. Although some think of economics as an abstract and dismal field, Sabers says everything he learned in Dr. Ispahani’s economics classes has been helpful in his career. Sabers has found other business courses valuable as well. He has learned to understand organizational structure, create and deliver effective presentations, and build a network of mentors to enable lifelong learning.

“Being a lifelong learner has helped me in every area of my life,” Sabers says. “Every move I’ve made in my career has been because of something I’ve learned.”

Sabers recently started as a client relationship associate at Kforce, a business-to-business staffing and recruiting company headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Before that he worked for Quest, a service support provider for original equipment manufacturers.  Because he can do much of his job remotely, he was able to choose where to live. He recently found his “dream home” in a friendly, walkable neighborhood close to the beach,

What advice does he have for recent graduates about to enter the workplace? Do your research, know yourself, and find effective mentors:

“I think the most important thing would be to do your own research on the company culture and ask questions . Everyone is different, and there are plenty of workplaces that can accommodate you! The world is going to be what we make of it, and will reflect our daily decisions. Who we learn and take advice from will determine where we end up, for better or for worse; so find someone who lives out the life you envision for yourself and follow them.”