Natalie Goss

It’s tax time. ULV VITA students can help!

The VITA program at La Verne is available on Saturdays-February 4th through April 8th, 2023 to all eligible taxpayers. All tax preparation services are provided between the hours of 9 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., at the Cogley Building located at 2180 Third Street in La Verne, 91750.

To Improve Policing, Change Assessment

At the 2023 Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Annual Meeting in April, University of La Verne Management professor Dr. William Luse chaired a symposium titled “Considerations for Fair and […]

Dr. Loren Dyck

Innovative Coaching Exercise Presented at Management Teaching Conference

The 2023 Management and Organizational Behavior Teaching Society Oceania Conference held in Sydney, Australia featured a groundbreaking Peer Coaching Assignment for a master’s level Human Resource Management course developed by Dr. Loren Dyck of the University of La Verne. This exercise takes advantage of the fact that coaching has been shown to enhance student creativity and help prepare students for their transition to work.

New Study on Data Analytics in Accounting Education

“Data analytics plays a critical role in modern accounting and there is a need for accounting education to reflect this reality,” says Dr. Salimi. “The results of this survey show that accounting professors are incorporating data analytics using familiar software they already have at hand.”

Dr. Issam Ghazzawi

Meet our Professors: Issam Ghazzawi, Management

With a passion for teaching today’s youth, Professor Ghazzawi is an esteemed member of the University of La Verne invested in preparing students for their futures in leadership.

ULV Student Businesses raise over $21K for charity

Students from the University of La Verne’s Integrated Business Program raised more than $21,000 for local charities during the fall semester, while learning important lessons on how to lead and manage real life business.

Rob Barrett

Rob Barrett designated a Fulbright Specialist

“I hope my experiences with our diverse population at La Verne and my previous academic visits to China will enable me to contribute to an institution in another country and make me a better teacher when I return here,” says Prof. Barrett. “Fulbright Specialists are both ambassadors for the American way, and students learning what works in other countries.”

Meet our Professors: Dr. Kathy Duncan, Management

Kathy Duncan, EdD, professor and program chair for the Master of Science in Leadership and Management, discusses how the University of La Verne can take your career to the next level.

Dr. Ryan Lee

Meet our Professors: Dr. Ryan Lee, Economics

Ryan Lee, PhD, assistant professor of the economics program at the University of La Verne, discusses how economists make the world a better place through the allocation of society’s resources.