College of Business Faculty

A rewarding education starts with experienced faculty who care about their students’ success and class sizes that enable students to connect with their classmates and professors. Our classes are taught by experienced faculty, not graduate students or teaching assistants. Getting to know your professors, and having comfort in seeking their input on projects or talking through lessons is a key part of getting the most out of your education.

A Community of Educators, Practitioners, and Scholars

Our more than 50 full-time and more than 100 part-time faculty are scholars, authors, published researchers, professional organization leaders, and mentors to their students. Their collective academic, educational, government, and industry experience enriches our students, their employers, and our community.

  • Fulbright specialists: Robert Barret, Issam Ghazzawi, Astrid Keel, Louise Kelly
  • Accolades: BK Lee awarded Literati Award from Emerald Publishing in 2020
  • Research published in top-tier peer-reviewed journals: Decision Support Systems, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Journal of International Economics, and Journal of Strategic Marketing
  • Editorial Review and Peer Review Boards: Information Technology and Management Journal, International Journal of Business Analytics, International Journal of Information Security and Privacy, Journal of College Teaching and Learning, Journal of Educators Online, Journal of Family Business Management, Journal of Information Technology Education, Journal of International Education Research, Journal of Management Research Business Management and Strategy, Marketing Education Review, Psychology & Marketing, and Research in Business & Management Journal

Meet our Faculty

Name and Title Phone Email
Dr. Paul Abbondante
Associate Professor, Finance
(909) 448-4452
Robert Barrett Esq.
Professor, Law & Business
(909) 448-4468
Dr. Mehdi Beheshtian-Ardakani
Professor, Information Technology & Decision Sciences
(909) 448-4090
Dr. Yingxia Cao
Associate Professor, Decision Sciences
(909) 448-4584
Dr. Adham Chehab
Professor, Finance
(909) 448-4037
Caroline Chizever Esq.
Professor, Law
(818) 295-6509
Yeri Cho
Associate Professor, Management
(909) 448-4740
Dr. Douglas Chun
Associate Professor, Management
(909) 448-4132
Dr. Ali Dehghan
Assistant Professor, IT & Business Analytics
(909) 448-4094
Dr. Loren Dyck
Professor, Management
(909) 448-4785
Dr. Frank Fialho
Professor of Practice, Marketing
(909) 448-1513
Dr. Omid Furutan
Professor, Management
(909) 448-4038
Dr. Issam Ghazzawi
Professor, Management
(909) 448-4412
Dr. Fengmei Gong
Associate Professor, Operations & Information Technology
(909) 448-1588
Rick Hasse
Instructor, Accounting and Finance
(626) 818-8652
Dr. Abe Helou
Professor of Finance
(909) 448-4455
Dr. William Hippler III
Associate Professor, Finance
(909) 448-1587
Yan Hu
Professor, Finance
(909) 448-4741
Dr. Ahmed Ispahani
Professor, Business Administration & Economics
(909) 448-4022
Christine Jagannathan
Professor of Practice - Business Communication
(909) 448-4144
Dr. Astrid Keel
Professor, Marketing
(909) 448-1585
Dr. Louise Kelly
Professor, Management
(909) 448-4945
Dr. Si Hyun Kim
Associate Professor, Management
(909) 448-4796
Dr. David Kung
Professor, Information Technology & Decision Sciences
(909) 448-4085
Dr. Giacomo Laffranchini Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Management
(909) 448-1589
Dr. Jonathan Lee
Professor, Marketing
(909) 448-4496
Dr. Ryan Lee
Assistant Director of Honors
Dr. Byungku Lee
Associate Professor, Management
(909) 448-4577
Dr. Jeanny Liu
Professor, Marketing
(909) 448-4058
Dr. William Luse
Assistant Professor, Management
Dr. Teresa Martinelli
Professor of Practice - Management
Renee Miller
Professor, Accounting
(909) 448-4766
Dr. Yehia Mortagy
Professor, Information Technology & Decision Sciences
(909) 448-4556
Claudio Munoz
Professor, Accounting
(909) 448-4018
Dr. Gonyung Park
Professor, Economics & Finance
(909) 448-4015
Dr. Anwar Salimi
Professor, Accounting
(909) 448-1586
Dr. Yvonne Smith
Professor, Management, Online
Dr. An Tran
Associate Professor, Marketing
(909) 448-4083
Jose Valdovinos
Instructor I, Accounting
Dr. Catherine Xiao
Associate Professor, Finance
(909) 448-4784
Dr. Janat Yousof
Professor, Management
(909) 448-4403
Dr. Tong Zeng
Associate Professor, Economics
(909) 448-4742
Dr. Zhen Zhang
Associate Professor, Management
(909) 448-4769


Name and Title Phone Email
Joshua Botello
Business Associate - SBDC
(909) 448-1573
Paul Boychuk
Director, Judge Edmond Emmett O’Brien and Muriel Faith Career Services Center
(909) 448-4729
Dr. Emmeline de Pillis
Dean of College of Business
(909) 448-4486
Kathy Duran
Administrative Secretary II
(909) 448-4474
Marcy Galeazzi
Administrative Assistant I
(909) 448-4098
Dr. Randa Jouzi
Academic Advisor III & Associate Director MBA
(909) 448-4007
Dr. Michelle Kechichian
Director, Undergraduate Advising - College of Business
(909) 448-4005
Wendy Lee
Executive Assistant to the Dean, College of Business
(909) 448-4450
Dr. Ryan Lee
Assistant Director of Honors
Leanne Liu
Senior Assessment Analyst
(909) 448-4501
Vanessa Lua
Academic Advisor III
(909) 448-4920
Maria Mendoza
Academic Advisor III
(909) 448-4013
Sophia Nyborg-Andersen
Business Associate
(909) 448-4232
Dr. Keeok Park
Associate Dean, College of Business and Public Admin &Professor, Decision Sciences
(909) 448-4405
Margaret Reyna
Administrative Assistant I
(909) 448-4962
Sean Snider
Director, Small Business Development Center
(909) 448-1556
Cheryl Walker
College of Business Senior Operations Manager and Senior Adjunct Instructor
(909) 448-4341
Alyssa WU
Academic Advisor I