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Dean’s Welcome

As we thrive to be the College of choice in the region, we remain true to our values and student centeredness. Our curriculum and extra-curricular activities are designed to provide our students with a relevant and distinctive transformational experience that addresses their educational needs and professional development.

Our programs rely heavily on integration and experiential learning. Students are required to apply what they learn in the classroom to real life situations. Through the use of simulations, case studies, consulting, and/or the creation of their own organizations, our students are forced to utilize their knowledge of multiple disciplines to solve complex problems and achieve organizational objectives. Our graduates have a strategic understanding of the functional areas of their discipline—how they fit together, can lead and institute change, and utilize technology to promote organizational objectives. Employers seek individuals who have the ability to effectively solve problems, be innovative, possess good communication skills, are ethical, and embrace diversity. That is what our programs address.

Our extra-curricular activities and services provide students the opportunity to develop their leadership and professional skills. The Center for Career Placement and Enhancement provides our students with the training, coaching and contacts needed to successfully launch their careers at or before graduation.

The academic quality of our courses, the convenience of our schedules, and, more importantly, the commitment of our faculty and staff, make our programs some of the most popular in Southern California.

I hope you seriously consider the opportunity of getting your transformational, educational experience at the University of La Verne’s College of Business and Public Management. It is an investment that will reward you for a lifetime.

Ibrahim (Abe) Helou, Ph.D.