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Administrative Staff

Name and Title Phone Email
Chelsea Ahn
Career Development & Placement Specialist
(909) 448-1518
Paul Boychuk
Assistant Director, CBPM Career Services
(909) 448-4729
Pat Chang
Financial Aid Accounting Administrator
(909) 448-4080
Anita Chico
Academic Advisor III
(909) 448-4093
Kathy Duran
Administrative Secretary II
(909) 448-4474
Marcy Galeazzi
Administrative Assistant I
(909) 448-4098
Lori Gordien
Associate Vice President, Finance
(909) 448-4100
Abe Helou
Dean of College, Business and Public Management & Professor of Finance
(909) 448-4455
Randa Jouzi
Academic Advisor III & Associate Director MBA
(909) 448-4007
Michelle Kechichian
Academic Advisor III
(909) 448-4005
Wendy Lee
Executive Assistant to the Dean, CBPM
(909) 448-4450
Leanne Liu
Senior Assessment Analyst
(909) 448-4501
Vanessa Lua
Academic Advisor III
(909) 448-4920
Maria Mendoza
Academic Advisor III
(909) 448-4013
Shawna Murray
Senior Staff Accountant
(909) 448-4127
Keeok Park
Associate Dean, College of Business and Public Admin &Professor, Decision Sciences
(909) 448-4405
Leon Ren
Financial Systems Report Analyst & Accountant
(909) 448-4118
Margaret Reyna
Administrative Assistant I
(909) 448-4962
Susel Robledo
Academic Advisor III
(909) 448-4119
Sean Snider
Director, Small Business Development Center
(909) 448-1556
Rita Thakur
Associate Dean, College of Business and Public Management & Professor, Management
(909) 448-4456
Pedro Vidana
Director of Accounting
(909) 448-4333
Cheryl Walker
CBPM Senior Operations Manager and Senior Adjunct Instructor
(909) 448-4341


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