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Health Administration, B.S.

The B.S. in Health Administration is designed to prepare health industry personnel with the necessary knowledge and skills to assume supervisory and mid-management positions in health organizations.

To provide maximum convenience and flexibility, the program is available at several locations throughout California, including Bakersfield, Irvine, Ontario, and Victorville.

Total program: 48 semester hours

Prerequisites: 8 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
HSM 201 Statistics 4
HSM 203 Accounting in Health Service Organizations 4

Core Requirements: 36 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
HSM 401 Leadership and Management in Health Services 4
HSM 405 Ethical and Legal Issues in Health Services Management 4
HSM 407 Human Resources Management in HSOs 4
HSM 409 Communications in Health Services Organizations 4
HSM 411 Information Management in HSOs 4
HSM 413 Quantitative and Qualitative Decision-Making in Health Services Organizations 4
HSM 415 Budgeting & Financial Management in Health Services Organizations 4
HSM 417 Economic, Social, and Political Issues in Healthcare 4
HSM 496 Senior Seminar: Culminating Program Summary 4

Electives: 4 semester hours

One course from the following:

Code Course Title Units
HSM 301 Strategic Planning & Management of Health Services Organizations 4
HSM 303 Management of Change and Conflict in HSOs 4
HSM 305 Management of Diversity in HSOs 4
HSM 309 Introduction to Gerontology 4
HSM 381 Introduction to Managed Care 4

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